Course curriculum

    1. Disclaimer

    2. Meet Your Coach: Taylor Staden, M.Sc.

    3. What is Mental Performance Training?

    4. What Percentage of Hockey is "Mental"?

    1. What is Confidence?

    2. Control the Controllable

    3. Trust The Process

    4. Feeding Your Confidence

    1. Reset Routine: The Three R's of Resiliency

    2. Stop Waiting Until You "Feel Like It"

    3. We Aren't Robots, We're Human's!

    4. Breaking the Slumping Cycle

    1. Scouting Yourself

    2. Sticking to Your Role

    3. Finding Your "Zone"

    1. Using a Pre-Game Routine to Get In Your "Zone"

    2. Keeping Your Head on Your Shoulders

    3. Pre-Game Visualization

    1. What is Goal-Setting? And Why is it Important?

    2. Choosing What to Work On

    3. Setting and Hitting Your Monthly Targets

    4. Monthly Target Tracking Worksheet

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